It is our greatest concern to ensure that you will experience a wonderful and relaxing vacation. The health, safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority.
Within an appropriate hotel capacity our management team monitors the hygiene and health measures during the cleaning and disinfection of the hotel in order to provide a comforting and relaxing holiday.


Upon arrival all guests will be checked for fever by thermal cameras.
According to the latest legislation, only hotel employees must wear masks everythere, but for the safety of our guests we recommend to wear a mask at least on corridors, elevators and shops. You can get disposable masks and gloves on request at designated places in the hotel. Numerous disinfectant dispensers are available in all entrance areas.
We have also renewed our reception desk with a separating glass pane to ensure no contact during check-in.
Additional to the regular check-in handling your travel information and health declaration will be asked.
In order to save time, you can fill out the registration form and the health declaration on our website in advance and forward it online to our reception. Therefore you only have to provide your signature when you check in.
You will receive your room card in a protective cover and this handout for your information.


You can use the elevators together with people who share the same room with you. If there is a guest in the elevator with whom you are not staying in the same room, please wait for the next elevator. For nearby floors, we recommend to use the stairs instead of the elevator.


The health and safety of our employees are very important to us. Every employee receives a Covid-19 hygiene training regarding the protective measures and is checked for fever every day before starting work.
Each department works in fixed and well coordinated teams. Masks and gloves for employees are mandatory.


For safety reasons all guests will be checked for fever with an additional thermal camera at the restaurant entrance.
Complying with the distance rules for the tables is effecting their reduced number, but will be compensated with longer opening times.
In order to make your mealtime as pleasant as possible, you will be warmly welcomed by our service team. Cutlery wrapped in paper, cruet, disinfectant dispenser and disposable napkins will be available on the tables.
Drinks will be served by our service team and the table will be cleaned and disinfected only after you have left your table.
With less self-service the direct contact is adequately limited. Our experienced chefs will serve you your selected dishes from the glass paned buffets.
In addition our beach restaurant and bar (tea time, coffee break in the afternoon), two a-la-carte restaurants, 6 bars and bistro (with late breakfast) will continue to offer you their service with pleasure.
In order to support social distancing measures in the bars, all seats are pre-sorted and organized accordingly.
Additional disinfectant dispensers are installed in all necessary areas.


Our specially trained housekeeping-team is at your service for a carefree and hygienic vacation.
All rooms and their furnishings, as well as the ventilation system of the air conditioning system, are cleaned and disinfected daily with special virucidals before check-in.
While cleaning, special attention is paid to remote controls, door knobs, touchscreens and light switches. The rooms are adequately ventilated after cleaning.
The minibars will be continuously filled with soft drinks and water every day.


The set-up of sunbeds at the beach, the pool area and on the relaxing lawn is according to the distance rules and will ensure your sunbathing and relaxing as usual.
The outdoor pools are still available for your refreshment. However, the distance must also be kept when swimming. All sunbeds are cleaned and disinfected by the staff after use. Unfortunately the indoor pool will remain closed until further notice.


During your vacation you still will be able to take advantage of body care and recreation services.
Due to limited capacity and usage time of 30 minutes per visit of Sauna, Hamam or Steambath, you have to book your appointments in advance. Under the current hygiene rules and in order to guarantee healthy service massages are also limited to 30 minutes per treatment.


Stay fit during your vacation time. The fitness equipment is set up according to the distancing rules. According to its size the fitness center can be used by maximum 10 people at the same time and is open every day. The fitness equipment will be cleaned and disinfected every hour. Because of the withdrawal of water dispensers, the bars will help out with the water supply.


With the support of our animation team we don’t want you to miss your daily sports. In compliance with the distance rules we still offer outdoor sports such as yoga, gymnastics, darts, boccia and many more which can be exercised in small groups.
Team sports like volleyball or football are not allowed for the time being.
Our tennis court is still available and ready to use.


We hope that you will continue to enjoy our entertainment programs and have a good time. Let our animation team inspire you with their shows.
We ask you kindly to pay attention to the necessary social distancing.


The needs and wishes of our little guests are also very important to us. The kids can continue to use the outside area of our Mini Club with resrvation. The kids-animator will supervise and observe social distancing.
Before entering the Mini Club, the children will be checked for fever. Toys and playing equipment will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Soft toys like stuffed animals or puppets are not allowed in the mini club.
Our experienced kids-animator is looking forward to welcome our little guests.


If you notice any symptoms of Covid-19 at your yourself or other guests, please inform the reception immediately. The reception will contact our representative for environmental and social services and the responsible health organizations for you.


We offer our guests the possibility to take a Covid-19 test for a fee of 30 € without leaving the hotel.
Information on the mandatory Covid-19 test:
The Covid-19 test samples will be taken in our hotel and sent via the hospital to the laboratory
The results will be send as a document to the hotel and will be available for our guests.


The safety and health of our guests have top priority for us. Therefore our Hotel Oleander will continue to implement a comprehensive plan of measures that meets the highest hygiene standards from the beginning of reopening.
We will continue to provide the expected services, partly in a different format due to the hygiene precautions and local requirements which continously will be observed.
We look forward to your visit and hope that your stay in our house will be unique and pleasant as always.