Side & Manavgat

Manavgat rill which is fed from Toros mountains and carry the snow waters to Mediterranean Sea through waterfalls is on one side; an ancient city with a thousand years old history from a rich antiquity is on another side and the most beautiful touristic facilities established by today's civilization is on another. These is the syntheses that highlight Side as a rich tourist attraction point.

An intense sea in Side, lies next to the golden beaches and white marble pillars of Apollo Temple who is the protector god of sailors.

Location Distance
Kumkoy -
Side 5,6 km.
Manavgat 8,7 km.
Waterfall 12 km.
Titreyengol 12 km.
Aspendos 30 km.
Oymapinar 36 km.
Duden Waterfall 69 km.
Alanya 70 km.
Antalya 70 km.

Oleander Hotel

Oleander Hotel is one of the most loved and preferred hotel in Side region and proves this with a occupancy ratio of 85% guests

It is the meeting point of families with kids due to its unique fine sand and shallow beach; guests who want to run away from work stress due its quiet and well-kept garden; guests who look for fun due to entertainment areas and shopping malls just at the doorstep.