• If your kids looking for an adventure, OLI's “WONDERLAND” is the right place. They find the adventure they look for in Wonderland; they get on the Pirate ship and experience an outstanding venture through a ride in a fantasy world. There are many activities for them;

    Come on kids, let your parents to have some time on their own, we wait you in "WONDERLAND" with full of adventure.
  • Activities
  • Artistic activities are an opportunity for them to freely live their colourful lives and they can also prepare various types of food together with competent staff in our kitchen.
  • Ball Pool
  • Of course we haven't forgotten the tiny ones. We also have an amazing playground with a ball pool for them. They can crawl, climb or slip as they want.
  • Climbing Wall
  • It offers an amazing experience and increases coordination. Kids can get on the castle walls through draw bridge and can climb on the pirate ship to get to the treasury.
  • Bobbycar
  • Riding the BOBBYCAR on a flatland and race and join the rally... which kid would not want to try that!